Slub, multicount and multitwist yarns are characterised by their irregular thickness and twist. They are used to achieve textiles with great visual impact. Slub, multicount and multitwist spinning processes accept all kinds of counts and fibres, whether short or long, artificial, natural, synthetic or mixed.

Due to the vast variety of different effects achievable in this way, slub yarns are used in products ranging from denim, household fabrics, shirts, knitwear or the liveliest casual wear.

Pinter’s slub equipment is based on the random programming system, whose flexibility allows for the production of all manner of slub yarns, quickly and simply.

With its great experience in the field, Pinter can provide a new generation of equipment with digital technology providing significant improvements in terms of performance, reliability and precision.

    • Slub equipment for ring spinning frames.
            > Slub equipment.
            > Slub, multicount/multitwist equipment.
    • Slub equipment for open end spinning frames.
            > Slub equipment.
            > Slub, multicount/multitwist equipment.
Slub Attachments
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Slub Attachments
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The fastest slub reaction with 10milliseconds technology.


        - Slub (thickness) – Multitwist (twist) – Multicount (twist and
          thickness variation)

        - PSS (Pinter Short Slub, to obtain slubs shorter than the
          fibre length)

        - Wand-A and Penelope Yarn simulation software.