Manufacturer and supplier of industrial control panels and Industrial automation control panels.

Avaaco Elec Sys is catering to various industry like Textiles, Pumps, CNC Machine manufacturers:

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Avaaco Elec Sys
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Suppliers of Automation control panel for  two or three Screw Compressors to operate with single VACON make VFD with    accessories, Where in using a single VFD up to 4 compressors can be connected when its feeding the common header with a close loop.
Control Panels for Spinning Frames in textiles along with the VACON VFD for driving the spindles at 16 different speeds based on the length of the yarn delivered.
Avaaco Ele Sys  also supplies  control panels for the VACON Power Drive, for providing power back up solution in case of power failure, This is used exclusively in Open End Spinning process.
Avaaco Elec Sys are OEM Suppliers for M/s CRI Pumps Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore for the Pressure Booster Pump Control panels along with VACON Vfd or with Relay Logic to automate 2,3 or 4 Pumps when connected to common header.
Avaaco Elec Sys also supplies Vacon Vfd for M/s GD Weiler who manufacture CNC machine for machining the engineering components, where in the VACON Vfd operates upto 280 Hz.