Making a core spun yarn consists in covering an elastic, rigid or semi-rigid filament with a natural, artificial or synthetic fibre to produce a yarn that, once woven, gives the resulting garment the intrinsic properties of the filament and the appearance, texture and quality of the fibres that cover it.

M/s Pinter SA, Spain has experience over the decades since 1930 in the spinning industry, combined with tireless R&D, means that Pinter has developed a high-performance system of proven quality capable of responding to the demands of today’s core spun market.

• Elastic core spun equipment.
• Rigid core spun equipment: Direct insertion system with friction controlled feeding.
• Semi-rigid core spun equipment: positive feed system.
Core Yarns
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Core Yarns
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Core spun yarn  get composed yarn with outside appearance of the spun fibre and inside physical properties of inserted core filament, in the ring frame, during same spinning process.

                        Main types :

                             - Elastic (high elasticity, insertion of elastic filament)

                             - Semi Hard (light elasticity, positive feeding)

                             - Hard (no elasticity, high tenacity yarns)

                             - Fine (with fine counts and compact yarns)

                             - T-400 for denim and industrial yarns