Merlin is a small 6 or 18-spindle spinning frame which allows users to work with all types of raw materials (natural, artificial, synthetic or blends) and on which it is possible to produce all manner of special yarns and their combinations: slub, core-spun, Syro, etc.
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Models for short and long fibres in 6 and 18 spindle versions.

Fully electronic running. No need to change any gear to modify the drafting.

An alphanumeric keyboard allows users to automatically select the different   spinning   parameters. The equipment includes all the components required to produce different types of   slub,
multicount / multitwist, core-spun, etc. yarns.

T-400 for denim and industrial yarns.
Technical specifications
spa603 and spa1803

          - 6 (spa603) or 18 (spa1803) spindles.
          - Cut fibres up to 60 mm (cotton, artificial, synthetic and  blends).
          - Maximum ring diameter: 58 mm.
          - Maximum tube length: 260 mm.
          - PK2025 pendulum arm.
          - Maximum spindle speed: up to 23,400 rpm (machine).
          - Twists per metre: 150 to 3,500.
          - Total drawing: 12 to 80.
          - Individual suction flutes.

spl603 and spl1803