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SENSORFIL is generally used for electromagnetic sensor developed for the control of yarn breaks (ends down) during spinning operations. The ring spinning frames are monitored by controlling the movement of the traveller.
For cotton spinning system in case it is not possible to use the version EXT

For worsted spinning frames as an alternative of STARY.

The FANI system, consisting of the TBOX unit and SENSORFIL sensors, makes it possible to check the status of individual spindles and therefore the status of the ring spinning frame itself

Real-time control of the status of every single spindle (one sensor per spindle).

Real-time control of the speed of every single spindle (RPM).
SENSORFIL is in general used for ring spinning frames
Yarn breaks are signalled as follows:
A 3 coloured tower lighting system is positioned on the headstock of the spinning frame (one or two per side). Each colour represents a different number of breakages on that side and ensures that the operator's attention is directed to the side with the most yarn breaks.

Furthermore, there are red warning lights set next to each section / ring rail of 24 spindles, which blink when there are yarn breaks in this section / ring rail area.